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TellUs aims to successfully connect businesses with consumers around the world using online quotation requests. Customer satisfaction is very important TellUs, so if you have any feedback or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

It costs nothing to submit a request via one of our websites. It is a quick, easy and obligation free method to request and compare quotes for services that you may be seeking. The website will match location details with companies who can assist. The companies then make direct contact with you to offer you their quote for consideration. Requests are sent to (up to) six companies for you to compare price and quality indicators to help make a decision.

Request quotes from international moving companies directly.

Becoming a partner of TellUs gives you the ability to promote your services online. You will receive qualified enquiries from consumers who are actively seeking your services. As a TellUs partner, you receive a free listing on and receive quotation requests directly in your email inbox. All you have to do, is submit your proposal to your potential client for consideration.

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